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Oaktree Cattery is purpose built solely for cats. It is run by husband and wife team Bernie and Marie. We do not employ any staff. This allows us to get to know all our guests really well during their stay. We care for your much loved cats as if they were our own.

Oaktree is a FAB (Feline Advisory Bureau) listed cattery - one of only 3 in Cornwall. In order to be listed, a cattery has to adhere to the very strict guidelines of FAB and pass regular inspections. Please click on the FAB logo to find out more.

This is the view of our cattery from the car park. We are surrounded by glorious Cornish countryside with wonderful views.

The cattery is in a 'U' shape with a family lodge at each end - these will accommodate up to 4 cats from the same household. We also have single and medium lodges, the latter will house up to 3 cats from the same household.

The centre courtyard has bird feeders and a birdbath, not forgetting our 5 lovely ex-battery hens providing further interest for our guests.

Most of our lodges are of penthouse style, the pictures on the right show how it looks. The doors are closed at nightime to ensure our residents stay nice and warm. They still have access to the litter tray via the opening on the door.

A close up view of the Penthouse, a fleece is provided on the top shelf and a bed underneath. You can provide your own bedding if preferred. We feel that this can be more comforting, especially if it is a first stay in a cattery. Toys can be provided as well but please feel free to bring their favourites with you. Each lodge also has a scratch post to keep those nails in tip top condition!

You can see the thermostatically controlled heater hanging in the centre. These are on 24 hours a day throughout the winter months and would automatically be put on should any resident need extra warmth at anytime, whatever the month. This is at no extra cost.

The cattery is in the heart of the Cornish countryside but security is always high on our list. Cats are locked in their own lodges at all times during their stay. The security corridor provides a secure area for passage. These corridors are locked at night.

On the left is a 'walk in' lodge, kept generally for elderly or infirm cats, everything is on the lower level, the shelf/ramp can be removed if required.


Dietary requirements will be taken on arrival. Adult cats are fed twice daily (morning and evening) unless otherwise instructed by their owners. We are unable to provide veterinary prescribed diets and kindly request that these be provided by the owner. Elderly cats and kittens are fed as often as appropriate. We stock a large range of cat food (moist and biscuits). We can also supply fresh fish and chicken and have even been known to tempt some residents with the odd prawn or two!

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