Marie is trained to implant microchips in cats & dogs, (also in rabbits, guinea pigs & ferrets). She attended training in Brighton, East Sussex run by the Pet Chip Company Ltd*,

She is registered with Petlog which is run by the UK Kennel Club and holds the main database of microchipped animals in the UK. Petlog are also a part of the EPN (European Pet Network).

Microchipping is a very easy method of identifying your pets for their lifetime. The actual chip is the size of the grain of rice and is injected very quickly and painlessly between the pets shoulder blades. Once microchipped, your details will be added to Petlog's National Pet Identification database. As the owner of the pet, you will automatically receive a Petlog document for each animal added to the database about 7-14 working days after microchipping. The Petlog microchips used are reliable AND fully compliant with the ISO** standard 11785 and the Pet Travel Scheme (Pet Passport).

Animals can be microchipped at any age, but the minimum age for very young animals, eg kittens, or very small breeds of dogs would be 10-12 weeks – about 8 weeks for larger breeds of puppy.

Because we haven't the overheads of a veterinary surgery our charges are considerably lower, but none the less the microchipping is performed professionally and under strict hygienic conditions with the safety and welfare of the pet being paramount. It is also carried out with the owners present at all times, unless they prefer not to be.

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* The Pet Chip Company Ltd are based at 4-5 Coleridge Gardens, London NW6 3QH.
** ISO – International Standards Organisation