Oaktree cattery was established in 2000 by the previous owners.
It is now is owned and run jointly by Marie & Bernie - life long animal lovers.

Marie is an ex veterinary nurse who desperately wanted to return to working with animals after a long break. Bernie completes the team with his various trade skills which compliment Marie's. She and Bernie have achieved their dream in both running a cattery and living in Cornwall, having been 'townies' for most of their lives.

They presently have five cats of their own - meet the family...

Jess & Jake, a brother and sister born July 1995 who were inherited from Marie's parents.

Sadly Jess had to be put to sleep in November 2008 after a short illness - we miss her very much, and have decided to keep her photo here in her memory

Fizzy, a very small, but spirited girl born May 2002, who was taken in as a very small 3 month old kitten from previous owners whose young child became allergic to cat fur. What she lacks in size she makes up for in personality. She was petrified of everything originally, but with lots of patience and reassurance, she now relishes exploring the outside world.

The Pips, very gentle, loving brothers born July 2006, who were semi hand reared by Marie & Bernie from 3 weeks of age, when their very young mum wasnt feeding her litter adequately. They came about their names, Pip & Pipp (the orange pips) as Marie and Bernie were only going to take one kitten from the litter of four but had become so attached to both boys by the age of six weeks, that they couldnt possibly choose, so homed both!
Millie, is the youngest addition to their household. She was born August 2007 and was rehomed by them just before Christmas after she came into the cattery to be boarded by her previous owner. Due to a family bereavement, the previous owner asked if Marie & Bernie knew of anyone who wanted to rehome a kitten - the rest they say is history!!

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